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Samsung E-Board

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Product Description

Ready-to-use, All-in-one e-Board Display Package for Corporate and Educational Organisations

Samsung allows a presenter and participants to interact and exchange content between e-Board and the devices being used by the audience.  It enables you to engage your content with a stylus or simple flicks and gestures of your hand.  It offers the ability to draw and save on a range of sources which gives you more options for using a wider spectrum of content in your presentation.  It will provide full control of your presentation through user-friendly menus and file management tools.  Reduces set-up time with a portable solution that doesn’t require a dedicated PC.

Enrich the learning experience.  Gain active student participation by enabling students to explore and collaborate anytime and anywhere, and adapt to new ways of thinking, with access to various types of educational sources and communication, even outside the classroom.

Enhance education through collaboration. Work with colleagues to develop new teaching methods and innovative curricular that motivate students.

Drive efficiency in school operations.  Effectively manage students, faculty and administrative data with a flexible and scalable educational system.

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