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Product Description

We can supply a range of Projectors for Corporate and Education from Benq, Panasonic, Casio, Epson and many more. Please contact us for details.

BenQ Projectors

The BenQ offers the highest display flexibility with high brightness and resolution makes it the perfect match for a small-sized business and education.

Exceptional clarity and realistic colours that last year after year with BenQ DLP Projectors.

Panasonic Projectors

Whether your business or school is looking for high-brightness, high-resolution projectors that can handle large venue displays, or a video projector that can project within a small space, Panasonic covers the entire spectrum and offers the broadest range of projectors on the market. Our wide range of projectors are suitable for a variety of uses and environments.

Casio lamp free projectors

5 Year/10,000 Hour warranty
Low Maintenance

Epson Projectors

High brightness and image quality

Highly reliable Project for longer with improved reliability and a longer lamp life of up to 10,000 hours in eco mode.

Interact and enhance learning

Multi-PC projection software allows teachers and students to share content simultaneously. The moderator function allows teachers to remain in control, choosing what content to display. Combine two projectors to create one large interactive display. Split-screen capability allows teachers to display two separate types of content simultaneously, such as a lesson plan from a PC and a still image or video clip from a document camera.

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