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Product Description

Your ideas, working for you

Move beyond the familiar process of collaborating with sticky notes and flip charts and go digital. Capture notes and images as artefacts you can edit and manipulate. Share, group and iterate concepts effortlessly. Incorporate real-time contributions from remote colleagues. Step back to see the big picture. Keep iterating. It’s really that easy.

New ideas keep you in business. That’s why teams everywhere hole up in meeting rooms to scribble on flip charts and paper the walls with sticky notes. The Span ideation system brings this proven process into the digital age. A panoramic projector provides an expansive virtual canvas where teams share and iterate ideas. Working in the cloud makes it easy for team members to contribute from their own devices. It’s ideation for the digital generation – familiar, simple, flexible.

Access the canvas through Chrome™ browsers or apps on iOS and Android™tablets. Create a collection of digital artefacts and store them in your tray while editing. Drag them onto the canvas when you’re ready to share.

This projector is lightweight and can be installed on almost any wall without additional support reinforcement.  It is low maintenance and there is no need for bulb replacement.  It has 25,000 hours useful life.  The Panoramic projected image is 10’ (3.1m) wide.

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