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Loxit Electric Heavy Duty Free Standing Screen Lift

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Product Description

Dual column electric free standing screen lift for lifting very large screens into a position where they can be easily viewed.

Heavy duty electric operation with reinforced welded brackets for displays and touch screens up to 105″.

Max screen weight 170kg.

Smooth electrical operation raises and lowers the screen by 600mm, allowing all users access to the display.

Suits VESA patterns up to 800mm wide x 600mm high.

Height from floor to centre of screen:
Lowered 1175mm
Raised 1775mm

Includes integrated 4 way power strip to power the screen and peripherals with just one cable to the mains socket.

Includes 3m hi-vis mains input cable for additional safety.

Switched, fused power inlet also includes 3 additional IEC outlets in addition to the 4 way power strip.

Cables are tidied away within the mount head for a professional installation.

Ready assembled – simply screw the universal mount brackets into the back of the screen and hang on the mount. Saves installation time and money.

For additional safety when being used in vulnerable environments such as with young children in nurseries, those in SEN environments or wheelchair users, add Hi-Lo® Anti-Crush Bar for Flat Screen 1.00m code 8973. The discrete pressure sensitive bar is adhered to the underside of the screen and cuts out power to the motor at the slightest contact.

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