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Clevertouch wall lift

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Product Description

Safety and optimal functionality in class

The CTWALL.EU has been developed especially for the education market to safely mount your touchscreen on a high-low system to the wall and floor. Due to the large adjustment range, this lift is applicable from kindergarten to adult education. For every person, big or small, the touchscreen can be placed at the ideal user height with this lift. An additional benefit of the large adjustment range: when classrooms change between primary and secondary education the touchscreen does not have to be moved and it can stay where it is. The CTWALL.EU has a so called anti-collision, a blocking protection. When the screen hits something during a movement, the movement stops and the lift goes back a bit in the opposite direction.

Convenience for the installer

For the installer, CTWALL.EU offers large installation convenience. Mount the separate mounting arms to the touchscreen first, then easily hang them in the lift system and lock them. Never again search for the right holes with a heavy screen in your hands! By default, the CTWALL.EU has two expressible 76 mm plates in which you easily install a (double) wall socket. It also has expressible plates for placing Neutrik® chassis parts for USB, network, audio, etc. There is plenty of space available behind the monitor to place your valuable peripherals.

CTWALL.EU also for the business professional

CTWALL.EU has been developed with the education market in mind. Nevertheless you see it applied in a business environment just as often.


• Large flat panel interface mount with max. VESA 800×600
• Easy to remove/service position of mounting arms
• VESA indicator on mounting base
• With special expressible plates to easily install wall sockets and Neutrik® chassis parts for USB, network, audio, etc

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