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SMART kapp iQ Pro

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Product Description

Everything you need is one touch away

SMART kapp iQ Pro™ gives one-touch access to a whiteboard, a web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for external PC. You can write over any file you bring up on the display, and save your notes. Plus, plug in your laptop to easily video conference.

Available in 65” 75” and 84”

Great features for Construction, Engineering and Architectures who use applications like Adobe Illustrator, Tekla, Autodesk Navisworks, Revit, CAD-3 and many more.

Contribute from anywhere writing on the display with digital pens is as easy as paper. Anyone you invite, up to 250 worldwide, can see and contribute to everything on the display using their devices.

Annotate over PDF. PowerPoint. Excel. Autodesk. Even more. Now you can write over almost anything you display on kapp iQ Pro and save your work into the same file.

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