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Evoko Minto Audio Conference

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Product Description

Evoko Minto makes sure everyone is heard – no matter the direction or distance. All thanks to a patented sound technology. Ready to connect with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Colours and voice feedback guide you. Simple, wireless, smart.

Large conference room capacity, suitable for up to 20 people within a 5 metre radius.  Portable and efficient –Take Minto anywhere with 8 hours active talk time.  Available in White or Grey

Evoko Minto is unique in its ability to hear what’s really important. Even in noisy environments and with people talking at different distances or moving around. Four directive microphones alternate to capture only the voice of the person talking and leave all distractions out.

When you don’t want to be heard for some reason, just swipe your hand in the air over the top. The Halo Light instantly turns red and the microphones are muted so that you can speak freely.

To give you all the information you need, Evoko Minto itself speaks to you with voice instructions and status information. A real smooth talker…

Evoko Minto operates smoothly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Working either through Bluetooth or cable, it takes only seconds to connect.

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