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Product Description

Today, interactive connectivity more than ever is key. We not only want to share our knowledge with each other, we want to interact.

CTOUCH allows you to interact and annotate with the applications you already use on a daily basis. The powerful annotation tools from industry leading review software such as Tekla BIMsight, Autodesk and Solibri all work great with CTOUCH interactive displays. Making them perfect surroundings for architecture, engineering and construction teams. Turn everything, from simple sketches to complex interactive 3D models, into dynamic content.

CTOUCH interactive displays project participants can identify and solve issues as early as in the design phase, before costly construction. Develop an in-room collaboration tool and save your company lots of time and money by reducing miscommunication immediately.

CTOUCH always allows you to deliberate, educate and communicate in a manner that is just as easy and inviting as it is smart and motivational.

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